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Operational benchmark application

Expert Services method to measure, benchmark, and improve your performance across all areas of operations and food protection

  • This is the Tetra Pak operational benchmark application that enables you to compare your operations to peers
  • By entering some basic characteristics of your plant, you will get an estimate of how your Total Capacity Utilization and Operational cost compare to peers
  • The data you enter will neither be stored nor visible to anyone else. Peer data, coming from hundreds of improvement projects worldwide, is presented anonymously
  • Please note that the results you will get are estimations. A more detailed operational benchmark analysis must be carried out for Tetra Pak to be able to confirm results

Operational Cost = All production related costs within a plant (maintenance cost, running cost, waste cost and direct capital cost), not including cost for packaging material and product.

Total Capacity Utilization (TCU) = Asset utilization 24x7 (Production Time / Total Time) or (Produced Packs or Litres / Nominal Capacity) - Efficiency of total asset utilization.